Free ways to get in the holiday spirit

Things are very busy around the Cheap house as we get ready for the holidays. But here are a couple of free and eco-friendly ways to help bolster your holiday spirit:

  • is offering a free holiday song download every day through Christmas. I’m late onto this boat … but that’s OK, because the previous downloads are still available here.
  • If you are itching to do something crafty, whip up some origami reindeer. Or save the instructions and cut some squares out of used wrapping paper, envelopes, etc., so that you can turn the rejects into gift cards or ornaments next year, as Green Daily suggests.

I do store holiday “projects” in a box with our Christmas decorations — things like cards with slots for photos, purchased on clearance for 90% off, or glass ornaments for which I intend to someday crochet covers.

Now, I’m off to finish up the week’s work and stitch up some reusable holiday gift bags with materials I picked up at Goodwill last week. What are you up to? Share your ideas here.


3 thoughts on “Free ways to get in the holiday spirit

  1. High Plains Drifters says:

    Chris Stevens said it best:

    Christmas reveals itself to each of us in a personal way — be it secular or sacred. Whatever Christmas is — and it’s many things to many people — we all own a piece of it. Kinda like Santa’s bag, inside there’s gift for everyone.

  2. Patricia says:

    This year has been tight financially so I decided to make most of the gifts I would be giving. Most of them are very simple and cheap to make, but they are nice and people love them. I have enjoyed making them and I spent well under half of what I normally spend so I think I will continue this in years to come. I also used no purchased gift wrap at all and I must say the gifts look beautiful and festive. I have had very positive comments on the wrapping itself as well as the gifts. I got many of my gift ideas from and

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