Green and cheap go together

Busy Monday here!

I don’t have a full post for you today, but I will direct you to this list of “Green and Cheap” articles on Wise Bread. This excellent blogger collective has pulled together their top 21 posts on how to be frugal and eco-friendly.

I know, that topic sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I am oh so proud to have been ahead of this curve here at Cheap Like Me. For my part, I started this blog as a way to share my tips for saving money … and also living life the way I like it (that is to say, indulging my weaknesses for coffee, yarn, eating delicious food and remaining at least near the realm of fashion). But being me, I also feel a responsibility to attempt to minimize my impact on the planet. Et voila, by being more environmentally friendly, you can save loads of money … to apply to travel, or sushi, or finding gorgeous sweaters at Goodwill, or building a henhouse, or building a nest egg, or whatever suits your fancy.

As the economy has drifted south (or shot there quickly in a handbasket), the “green” trend that grew last year has embraced the frugal trend and now they are entwined as consistently as characters on The Real World. But we’ve been here all the while. Thanks for riding along.


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