Membership warehouse deals

If you are thinking about joining a membership warehouse — Costco or Sam’s Club — this is a great time to do it. Both warehouses are offering bonuses if you join now. This just in from Linsey at Wise Bread’s Best Deals:

$40 in Free Products when you Join Costco – Sign up for a membership (costs $50) and get free stuff when you mention promo code 22019 (for Gold Star Membership) or 22025 (for Business Membership). Featured free gifts include: FREE rotisserie chicken, FREE photo processing, FREE Kirkland Signature 2 lb. bag of coffee, and more.

And don’t forget that Sam’s Club is still offering a free $25 gift card with new membership – but today’s the last day!

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4 thoughts on “Membership warehouse deals

  1. badhuman says:

    We received a Costco membership as a gift this Christmas. We are going to try it out for year and see if it’s worth it or not.

    On our first trip we spent $150 but got a huge things of sugar, oil, coffee, canned tomatoes and other basic items. I think you save more money on the non food items but we don’t purchase them frequently so it might be more temptation then its worth. We’ll see.

  2. Kate says:

    Any tips for those of us who may be led into deep dark temptation of the bulk goodies at warehouse shopping? I’d like to see what your ideas are about that… I’d have a membership already, except that I’m not sure what to buy there and not at the grocery (barring the obvious, like industrial-size trays of dinner rolls).


  3. Nikol says:

    I really heart costco. But I usually only buy actual food (cheese, produce, bread, spices, rice, fish, etc.), and seldom things like cleaners or convenience, frozen, or processed or portion-packaged foods. It’s easy to keep the bill low and get amazing bang for your buck if you only buy real food. We freeze extra bread, fish, meat, and many cheeses that come in crazy big portions. And there are a few prepared things I always get: rotisserie chickens, which are cheaper than I can buy raw birds of the same size. They’re big, so 2 carcasses, after eating the meat, make a giant pot of stock. And the fresh salsa, which is tasty without doctoring, is the same price for the giant jar there as the little tub of the same brand at the grocery store.

    A good deal of their produce is organic, and their stock turnover is high (at ours, anyway), so the stuff’s fresh and keeps well in the fridge. Out of CSA season, I can get about 3 weeks of our produce in a monthly costco trip. Out of CSA season, we eat twice the fruit and vegetables when we’re visiting costco regularly, and it’s about the only way I can afford organics.

    They’re also the best price around for things like commercial shelving and rechargeable batteries.

    If you’re debating about whether to get something, a little asterisk on the sign means it’s not something they’re restocking.

    One last great thing about Costco: they guarantee satisfaction, so if a product ends up sucking, you can bring it back and they don’t hassle you at all. So whenever I’m buying a big ticket item I’m nervous about, I buy it there. With your receipt, you can pretty much make a return whenever. You can also return stuff bought online to the store. I’m a demanding consumer and pretty shameless about returning anything that doesn’t please me, and they haven’t black listed me yet. 🙂

    If your household can’t consume the big packages of fresh food in time, you might get a friend to go in with you, shop together, then split up all the big packages at home. You can bring in a guest, and they will accept payment from a non-member, so you can pay for your individual purchases separately so it’s easy to split the shared bill down the middle.

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