Get out blood stains (and sweat, wine and more)

If you are looking for an eco-friendly and resource-light way to eliminate bloodstains and other protein-based stains, look no further than your trusty bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Last weekend, Little Cheap got a bloody nose at a friend’s house. She brought home with her a shirt splashed with blood stains that had sat overnight. Yikes …

Luckily, hydrogen peroxide came to the rescue. I have seen instructions for making stain removing pastes to get rid of the blood. But I simply dampened the fabric and drizzled some peroxide on the blood. Where there was blood, the peroxide turned into satisfying fizz. I rinsed the shirt (with lovely rusty water coming off the cloth) and threw it in the wash. Good as new!

You can also use peroxide to remove pet stains on hard surfaces and stains on counters. It’s one of the options for removing perspiration stains. And mixed with dish detergent, it apparently takes out wine stains, too.


3 thoughts on “Get out blood stains (and sweat, wine and more)

  1. Emily G. says:

    just be careful peroxide if left on natural fibers (such as cotton) can seriously degrade the fibers which = holes. Maybe try a slightly diluted solution first and work your way up, and try not to allow it to “soak” for any amount of time. Great tip!

    • cheaplikeme says:

      @Emily – great point. I would be wary of letting it soak on anything. In my case, it foamed, I rinsed, with no soaking at all, and the blood came right out.

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