Cheap, reusable skin exfoliation

At our house, I must admit, we are fans of St. Ives apricot scrub.

However, it comes with a few problems:

1. It costs about $2.39. For one tube. Of stuff made up of apricot pits, which, you know, is technically trash. (But at least it is not plastic, like so many other exfoliating products are.)

2. It comes in a big ol’ nonrecyclable plastic tube.

3. If it’s really full of Swiss ingredients, the carbon miles aren’t exactly low.

4. We noticed, when we stopped using it, that our skin actually improved.

After stopping using the stuff, and seeing that my complexion looked a little better (fewer “blemishes,” which after all, I was wondering why I had in the first place since I am in the latter half of my 30s), I took skin care one step further and quit washing my face in the evenings.

My skin’s condition again improved, but I could feel a bit of … how do you say … thickness? Buildup? My skin wasn’t coming off like it used to, and I felt that my complexion, consequently, lacked a bit of freshness.

Enter my newfound, old-school, cheap and utterly reusable exfoliation tool:

That’s right. The washcloth.

Change the pressure of your fingers to alter the depth of the exfoliation. Rub briskly to really take off the skin, or baby your face with a gentle massage. Couple it with soap, cleanser, or good old H2O for customized care.

The cost? It varies.


9 thoughts on “Cheap, reusable skin exfoliation

  1. Michelle says:

    There are times when I feel that being poor (or “poh” as Oprah would say”) is a distinct advantage. Having never had the money for expensive face scrubs and cleansers and masques and toners and conditioners…. I’ve relied on good ole’ washcloths for all of my 48 years. I can’t remember the last time I had a pimple (never even had many as a teenager) and other than the well-earned laugh lines and wrinkles that come with being 48, my skin is soft and in great shape!

  2. erin says:

    In April of last year I cut my long hair shoulder length. I did it for a few reasons 1) change, 2) to shorten my shower and 3) to save shampoo. When my hair is shorter it starts to curl a little so the hair stylist recommended some hair product to enhance the curls. I bought it (literally and figuratively) and it worked great! My skin, however, reverted to puberty and I had full on break outs. Yuck. I brought the product back and they exchanged it for another product. It also works but doesn’t make me break out as long as I don’t use it too often.

    This whole experience made me revamp my skin care…but I haven’t used plain old wash cloths. I will start tomorrow.

  3. Schelli says:

    I love it! A standby of mine for years. It seems the cheaper the wash cloth, the better job it does for me.
    Uneaten oatmeal also works pretty good 🙂

  4. cheaplikeme says:

    I also love using a wash cloth because it reminds me of my grandma, who used to have me wash my face gently with warm water at night … so relaxing.

    @Schelli – glad you specified *uneaten*. 🙂

  5. skincareforall says:

    Washcloths are great, but you need to make sure you wash them after each use (they can be hand washed to save energy). Also, if you have active acne lesions it is not a good idea to scrub your face with anything, including a washcloth. It can accidentally ‘take the lid’ off the pimples and create a bigger problem!

  6. skincareforall says:

    Oops! Forgot to include that I’m a professional esthetician and I’m also a liefelong cheapskate. I’m fed up with skincare being considered a luxury. I think it should be accessible and affordable and I just started a blog (literally – yesterday) to give skin care advice to the masses. Check it out.

  7. itsjustmeghan says:

    another good one is baking soda. add some to whatever soap you’d care for (or just use water), make a paste, rub it into your skin, and rinse. it scrubs off all of the buildup, isn’t toxic, is super cheap, and works as a house cleanser as well!!

  8. auntmartha says:

    I bought a big package of wash cloths at Sams and keep them in a pretty basket in my bathroom. I use one each evening to wash my face then immediately re-use it to wipe down the counters and sink. I throw the used cloths in a separate basket. At the end of the week, I wash them all in hot water to sanitize them. So I have a clean face, a clean bath and clean washcloths!

  9. The Skin Care lady says:

    My Mom used the wash clothes also, and it works great, however, I like to keep my skin moist so I use a little vinagar in my rince off water for ph balance. My water is hard water here is why.
    Thank you for all the helpful tips. 🙂

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