Reboot your dishwasher to fix it

After writing just a week or so about saving money by fixing things yourself, I found myself facing an assortment of technical problems.

The printer’s paper feed jammed and then wouldn’t work properly at all. The power source for my laptop started buzzing and overheated. And the dishwasher decided that after running a bit of water into the bottom of the machine, it is best to simply sit and heat up the contents without ever finishing the cycle.

The printer remains out of commission, and I’ve been using an alternate machine while I decide what to do. A call to Dell and a new laptop power source is on the way. But after reviewing the slim dishwasher manual (which offered no information) and searching online in vain, I called a repairman.

Turns out the repairman was all too happy to share his secret with us: The dishwasher needed to be rebooted.

Apparently, the computer inside (call me a Luddite, but I always forget that things like dishwashers have computers in them these days) was confused. It can be reset by pressing two of the front panel buttons through various cycles … or by simply unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds and plugging it back in.

I wrote down the instructions on our user manual in case I need them again. Meanwhile, we did have to pay him this time, but hopefully there won’t be a next time.


One thought on “Reboot your dishwasher to fix it

  1. badhuman says:

    I always think its a great idea when you do have to call in a repair man to see how they fix the problem. You still have to pay them but in addition to getting your item fixed you’ve learned something new.

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