America Recycles Day – Nov. 15

Tomorrow is America Recycles Day, sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

You can visit the Web site here to make a pledge to recycle, find out about events in your area or research more recycling information.

The timing is just right for our community, which is initiating a pilot program for composting green and yard waste. Denver’s pilot program is just about full — I’m eager to hear about the results and see whether it is eventually expanded to the whole city. I’d love to see green compost bins replacing the bags and bags of yard trimmings our neighbors set out all summer.


4 thoughts on “America Recycles Day – Nov. 15

  1. L'an says:

    Speaking of recycling and composting… I noticed that as per the composting guidelines, we can compost “soiled paper” and I know it’s not the end of the world to compost newspaper, which up to now we’ve been faithfully recycling. So I was wondering which is “better”: to recycle old newspapers, or to compost them? Do you have any idea?

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