Quick tip: Check your receipt for savings

At our local grocery store (King Soopers, part of the Kroger chain), shoppers can be sure they’re getting the best deal — if they pay attention.

Any time you’re shopping, of course, it makes sense to take a look at your receipt to be sure the prices are right.

But at King Soopers, it pays even more.

The store has a policy that if the scanned price is different from the price on the shelf, you get the item free. This has paid off for my family twice in the past — once for a candy bar, once for whipping cream — so the “freebie” status nicely assuaged the “guilty pleasure” aspect of those purchases. I was surprised recently, when I stopped at a Safeway store with a friend whose purchase rang up wrong, that Safeway doesn’t offer the same policy.

In addition, if you have a King Soopers “SooperCard” and the register doesn’t catch the card number (thereby depriving you of your savings), or if you don’t have the card with you, you can bring the SooperCard and your receipt to Customer Service later and they’ll repay the difference. I used this feature this week, when I noticed some sausages I’d purchased (on sale at half price) hadn’t rung up that way because my card hadn’t scanned. In two minutes the service desk clerk gave me back my $3.19.

Does your store offer deals like these? Have you saved big (or little) bucks by keeping an eagle eye out?


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