Organic coupons, limited $50 offer, and anti-plastic bloggers – Friday wrap-up

** NOTE – Apparently, WordPress didn’t feel like publishing this post as scheduled last Friday. 😦

BUT I called ING Direct this morning, and they can’t say that the $50 offer below DID expire, so if you are interested, give it a shot online, or call them at 1-800-ING-DIRECT and see what they can do for you. **

I have seen so much great info in the blogosphere this week. Hopefully some of it will make your life a little more easier (and more lucrative).

Catalog of organic coupons

First off, Focus Organic blogged about coupons for natural and organic products. She came up with quite a list — check it out and save some cash.

Get $50 if you open an Electric Orange checking account

Next up, Five Cent Nickel announced that ING Direct is offering a $50 bounty if you open an Electric Orange checking account linked to your ING Direct savings account. You’ll have to use your Electric Orange debit card three times within 45 days to get the bonus.

SIGN UP NOW — offer expires today, Oct. 31. (NOTE: As mentioned above … this might not have expired. if you are interested, give it a shot online, or call them at 1-800-ING-DIRECT and see what they can do for you. ) If you don’t already have a savings account with ING Direct, you’ll need to set one up first. If you don’t have an ING savings account, you can ask a friend who does have one for a referral code, and you will receive $25 and your friend will earn $10. (And if you don’t have a friend with an account, e-mail me at cheaplikeme [at] gmail [dot] com, and I’d be happy to e-mail you a referral code.)

When you complete the checking account sign-up process, don’t forget to enter the relevant reference code so you get your bonus! Five Cent Nickel offers the code and sign-up link. He notes that he had problems with the site, but it worked perfectly for me. However, I thought I might want two accounts (an individual and a joint checking account) and it won’t let me do that — at least not from the bonus link. Just a word to the wise — choose your account type carefully.

All other details are at Five Cent Nickel’s site.

Get fired up about eliminating plastic

Finally, Fake Plastic Fish (an awesome blog about living plastic-free … as much as possible, and she does mean that) published a list and survey of several other plastic-free bloggers. It is excellent reading, and might inspire you to take another step away from plastic.

I know she’s made me more conscious about plastic, and one of her bloggers’ “easy steps” is the one I keep intending to take — that of avoiding restaurant take-out containers in favor of bringing your own.


6 thoughts on “Organic coupons, limited $50 offer, and anti-plastic bloggers – Friday wrap-up

  1. Stefanie says:

    Awesome, thanks for linking to my post!

    I haven’t had a problem with WordPress not posting when I tell it to, but I don’t usually schedule posts ahead of time… You should ask about that on their forum, it might be a bug of some sort.

  2. cheaplikeme says:

    @Stefanie – Thank YOU for the great list! WordPress usually works fine for posting scheduled posts for me, so hopefully this was a one-time fluke – fingers crossed.

  3. Harper says:

    I’ve had an ING account for some time and can recommend the service.

    I can’t seem to get myself organized to bring containers to restaurants for leftovers. Any hints on making it more user friendly? If I don’t carry them in my bag I forget them but find carrying them in my bag to be bulky, heavy and inconvenient. What type of containers do you use? I like my stainless steel tippins and mugs but they are heavy.

  4. Beth Tery says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Posse!

    @Harper, while I don’t normally advocate plastic, I’ll reveal to you in complete secret (shhhhh…) that my square Tupperware sandwich container has saved my butt several times in restaurants. It’s very lightweight and fits more easily into a purse than a stainless steel tiffin. But I am NOT suggesting you go out and buy new plastic!

    Also, I’ve heard it through a certain grapevine that a particular company that makes those stainless steel tiffins is going to be coming out with a stainless steel container that is smaller and possibly more manageable for leftovers. I’ll post about it on Fake Plastic Fish when it’s official.


  5. Cheap Like Me says:

    Oooh, Beth from Fake Plastic Fish has revealed her secrets — you saw it here, folks! 🙂

    Seriously, I get befuddled by plastic … it IS so convenient. So I try to minimize my use of it — yet at the same time, I do believe it’s better to use reusable plastic for certain things (like leftovers) than to discard styrofoam.

    Just transfer the food to a microwave-safe container before you reheat it — not in the plastic.

  6. kerricodi says:

    WOOHOO! I just found you guys, I love it! I love using my reusable bags, they hold so much! I have some big canvas ones and they are super cute, from ROXY. Love the organic coupon site too, thanks for sharing!

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