Quick tip: Save 15% on toilet paper by subscribing

The other day, I was doing some comparison shopping on Amazon.com for some of our regular household purchases (like Ecover dishwashing liquid and 100% recycled toilet paper).

I found that the toilet paper we buy costs the same at Amazon as it does at our local store, but the dish soap will cost 4 cents per ounce less if I buy it online in bulk.

The most intriguing thing I spotted was Amazon’s subscription program. For purchases (like toilet paper) that you make again and again, Amazon now will let you subscribe. If you sign up to receive automatic shipments of your order every one to six months, you’ll get a 15 percent discount.

In the case of my toilet paper, that would bring the roll price down to 85 cents per roll — significantly less than the $1.10 per roll it was last year when I put together my toilet paper cost comparison chart.

But too bad for me … we use little enough toilet paper that we wouldn’t go through a case in six months, their maximum subscription time frame. Maybe I could go in with a friend …

Has anyone tried this program?


5 thoughts on “Quick tip: Save 15% on toilet paper by subscribing

  1. Anne M. says:

    I’m trying this with a medical cream I’m trying out. I ordered on Friday night — got it $2 cheaper by doing the subscription — and got it Monday!

    I’ll let you know if anything goes wrong but I have high hopes with this service =)

  2. rhonda says:

    I have several things on the subscribe and save program with Amazon. 5 items are things we use a lot of and get a really good price on through amazon’s subscribe program, and 3 things I have sent to my son in another state. LOVE the program!! I’ve done this since they have offered it and have never had a problem. It’s an EXCELLENT program and it saves me time and money since I can have them delivered at an interval I choose.

  3. Harper says:

    I get Seventh Generation toilet paper from Amazon through this program and it works well for me. The secret is that you can request Amazon skip the next shipment which for me means that I would receive one case of toilet paper per year rather than every six months. Just don’t forget to go to your Subscribe and Save page to request the change or you will end up storing toilet paper under your desk at work [ask me how I know!].

    Also, the first case I bought with a friend so if you have a friend or neighbor with the same taste in tp …

  4. Margaret says:

    I subscribed in order to get a great deal on my current addiction, Muir Glen Fire-Roasted Chopped Tomatoes. I was ecstatic when I got my first shipment, but when I didn’t get my second on time, I checked their status Amazon had them listed as “out of stock”, and wouldn’t try shipping again until the NEXT subscription period. Plus the supplier had changed and the price had increased?!?

    I started to get the DTs so had to cancel my subscription and go back to the store. Seems like a terrific deal for certain items though.

  5. Nikol says:

    The do send you a reminder when your next order is scheduled to ship, so it’s easy to use the skip option.

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