What are you wearing NOW?

This week’s post on eco-fashion has generated some fun comments. I loved Erin‘s response (I added the links):

What I am wearing right now…sweater bought on sale at Patagonia – a company I love because of its commitment to the environment. A skirt I bought at Goodwill. A AWESOME shirt I got for my birthday that I have worn approximately 57,000 times since the end of August. ) Organic t-shirt material scarf that was a gift. And Keen shoes – another company I admire [Cheap here: I admire this company too — they made the ONLY pair of shoes I bought for the summer] plus they have a big toe box and I hate when my feet are scrunched. I try to be eco-conscious in my clothing but I think the best thing I could do would be to buy clothes used which I don’t do enough of cause it is hard…

Check out her awesome PC outfit! Wow, she’s so green!

So I thought a survey would be a lot of fun on a Friday (or Saturday, Sunday, Monday, whenever you read this). Quick! Take a look at yourself and post what you are wearing!

No fair changing into your Goodwill outfit just to earn brownie points.

It is acceptable to comment about whether your outfit is typical.

What am I wearing?

To prove my honesty, my outfit today is not so eco at all. I am wearing …

– The sweater from the post linked above.

– A T-shirt bought at J. Jill with a gift card.

– Some jeans from Ann Taylor Loft bought on a friends-and-family coupon my friend sent me before the chain laid off said sister.

– Socks bought at Target (I can knit socks, but until someone buys me a circular sock knitting machine so I can literally crank them out, it hasn’t been happening).

– Rocket Dog sneakers bought a couple of years ago at Famous Footwear … for the coupon benefits.

Is this typical?

Most likely,  yes. I’m choosy about my clothes, but that’s because I’m a Virgo. (What is funny is that that horoscope says “your favorite label is Calvin Klein — which is about right, and I just bought a CK parka … at Ross, of course.) So I do try to thrift shop — and I have some thrift-store clothes — but often I don’t find things I like at thrift stores.

My goals: Choose more basics that are higher quality and longer lasting, even if more expensive. Choose more basics that are organic, recycled and/or recyclable. Make more of my own clothes. And I have on my to-do list to visit some more upscale consignment/resale shops and see if I have better luck than at the thrift store.

But (she said, justifying herself) my daughter’s clothes are largely pre-loved.

Extra credit – What does your family wear?

My daughter is wearing a shirt I made her with some pants from Savers, plus sneakers made partially with recycled materials (from Wal-Mart … Not really our first choice (in fact, she tried on shoes at many other stores first), but just about the only store where the shoes fit her feet!). Later she’ll head out to soccer practice in cleats from the consignment shop.

As for Mr. Cheap … he is wearing his school’s Friday spirit T-shirt, a pair of jeans most likely from Costco, and a jacket probably also from Costco.

Now … What are YOU wearing?


15 thoughts on “What are you wearing NOW?

  1. clbeyer says:

    I’m wearing jeans and a sweater from (SO not fair trade!) Gap, but they’re old. The jeans have a tear in the knee; both are in at least their third winter. My white socks have been around since before I got married, and I’ve been married 7 1/2 years.

    Great question! This Spring, I unofficially decided that I wasn’t going to buy any clothes for a year. I figure that’s the greenest choice, but it gets so hard when you really want to look nice for a special occasion! I have bought a few scarves for my hair, but that’s it. It’s a fun challenge!

    My favorite green place to shop is nau.com .

  2. Riin says:

    Black jeans I got at the thrift shop for $1.50, a purple long sleeve t-shirt I got at the same thrift shop also for $1.50, a gray fleece jacket I bought on sale (campmor?) maybe 6 years ago or so, stripey wool socks I knit myself, and Keen wool clogs I wear as slippers (I’ll actually pay retail for shoes because I’m particular about the way my shoes fit. I need a good arch support).

    I buy all my clothes at thrift shops now, except for underwear. I just can’t bring myself to wear underwear that someone else wore. That’s too ooky. And I make all of my socks. I haven’t bought socks in years.

  3. Condo Blues says:

    I do shop for clothes at upscale consignment stores. I found by accident that they are more likely to have clothes that fit me (I’m really short) than a traditional dept store like Macy’s or Limited Too. Yes, I’m that short that I shop for shoes in the kids dept. some clothes too. That makes it even harder for me to find eco friendly clothes made from bamboo etc. so I try to do consignment and ebay as much as I can.

    The only really eco thing I’m wearing tonight is a pair of Levi’s that my SIL handed over to me. My button down and t-shirt and bunny slippers** were gifts from several years ago.

    **The bunny slippers were a gift from my niece because she realized that her aunt is cool and fun and would totally appreicate and wear a pair of bunny slippers when it started getting cold outside. Probabbly not environmentally friendly, but who am I to crush a little girls dream?

  4. Cheap Like Me says:

    @erin – Go Virgos!

    @clbeyer – Wow! Great pledge. I have tried to do that … but I do get crabby … but maybe sometime in the future I can follow in your footsteps?

    @Riin – I know EXACTLY what you mean about shoes …

    @Condo – eBay is a great idea. I bought maternity clothes on eBay by the lot to save $$. I bet one can do the same with non-maternity too! And I’m about to crochet some bunny slippers for a special someone. 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    Oh crap… I haven’t greened my clothes yet. I do have lots of organic sleep clothes and I’m starting on the rest of my clothes but I want to lose weight before I buy anything new and I don’t really need anything yet. I’m wearing a shirt from New York & Co. a sweater from New York & Co, jeans from Maurices (only ones that fit me that don’t cost over $100) and socks that I think are from wal-mart.

    I plan to lose weight so I fit in to all my jeans which are in great shape and are high quality and when I do buy stuff I want to watch for sales and buy organic or if I really need something like Bengals shirt well I don’t think I will find that organic so I make sure it’s 100% cotton at least. I’m trying to do better.

  6. Michelle says:

    I buy mostly from thrift stores. I find more variety that way. Plus, I enjoy perusing for unique non-clothing items too! Wearing right now, capri gray yoga pants from GW, a blue short sleeved T from GW. They are my sleeping pants, as I’m getting ready to hit the sack!

  7. N. says:

    I’m wearing a college sweatshirt that gets a LOT of use in the winter since we keep the thermostat at 50-55. The jeans have been around since high school. The t-shirt is American Eagle. I used to buy most of my clothes from them but haven’t even gone into one in about a year. The socks I got in a gift exchange. Learning to knit socks is my next project once I finish the baby quilt (my first ever attempt at quilting) I’m working on now.

  8. Cheap Like Me says:

    @Michelle – I LOVE thrift stores for non-clothing items — last week when I was buying some dyeing supplies at Goodwill, I also found an Oneida cherry pitter for 49 cents.
    @N – I have a college sweatshirt in my closet, and I should have kept jeans as the “skinnier” legs are now back in style…

    Keep it coming!

    – Cheap, wearing PJs and socks I received last year for Christmas

  9. L'an says:


    Levi’s I picked up at Kohls (I used to buy my Levi’s used all the time, and *cheap* at thrift stores, but since they got all fashionable in the 90s, I’ve found it hard to actually get any at a reasonable price. I hate that most jeans you buy “new” have those pre-distressed holes and/or thin places in them. Sigh.) These get heavy rotation in the wardrobe, though–usually wearing them three or four days out of seven, with usually a round or two of laundry in the course of the week. (Between the toddler and the “I have a dirty, smelly job” spouse, laundry is a constant affair Chez L’an.)

    A cotton t-shirt I picked up at Target. A t-shirt-esque button up long-sleeved shirt I picked up at Target… about ten years ago. Cotton socks I’ve owned since before I got married. Shoes I found at a discount store some time ago.

    Overall, not terribly green BUT the clothes do tend to get worn into the ground.

    Brand-new Thomas-the-train underwear (so not green but who am I to complain about character underwear when it means he’s using the the toilet?!).

    Hand-me-down jeans underneath hand-me-down shorts. A hand-me-down spiderman t-shirt underneath a hand-me-down long-sleeved cotton something shirt.

    New cotton socks. New (to him, but now well loved) Crocs of the eco-brown/green/recycled materials variety. A new winter coat from the Children’s Place because somehow the 800 bags of hand-me-down clothes did not include a winter coat in the right size nor could I find one at the local kid’s consignment store.

    Levi’s (one of two pairs in daily rotation). A cotton t-shirt from Costco (they make the best heavy-weight cotton Ts, even though I imagine they’re not very environmental.) A sweater, I think, although that will no doubt come off when he gets to work. Sneakers from DSW. The man goes through sneakers in about 4 months which kinda kills me until I recall that he wears these sneakers every day all day, is standing on a concrete floor at work all day, he has ridiculously flat feet, and he owns exactly four pairs of shoes. I could argue that one of his shoes is the size of two of mine (which is true) but it’s also true that I have a lot of shoes…

    This is pretty standard. We’ve hardly purchased anything new (or purchased anything, really) for the toddler, so definitely on the reducing-reusing bandwagon there. The spouse’s clothes tend to be new, but get a lot of wear. I’m the guilty party on the clothing front, but even so, the closet is packed at least in part because I tend to keep everything for a very long time. (There are even some items in there from high school, and you know how long ago that was!)

    BTW, there’s apparently a new adult consignment store over here on 32nd Street, east of Zuni/west of Pecos, if you’re looking for another spot to find new duds. By all reports, they carry lots of good high-end stuff at great prices. (I’ve not made it in there yet since I *have* been trying to limit any new clothing purchases. And oh yeah, the closet is stuffed…)

  10. jessimonster says:

    I’m wearing the Army Combat Uniform. I wear it every day to work. And the first weekend of every month, unless that falls on a holiday, in which case the second weekend of every month, for drill.
    I do have on some civilian socks that my mom bought for me the Christmas before last because they matched my ACUs.
    My son wears clothes I pick up on freecycle and at Goodwill, interspersed with things my family members buy for him and the occasional impulse buy from Target or Whole Foods. My mom, who lives with us, wears really old clothes because she never buys new, most of them were purchased years and years ago from Lane Bryant, Dress Barn or other online plus sized retailers.

  11. cheaplikeme says:

    @L’An – thanks for the tip on the consignment shop!

    @jessimonster – Way to recycle your clothing … and let the government help out. Such as it is. 🙂

  12. sara l says:

    I’m wearing one of my husbands t-shirts and sweatpants. The shirt’s from summer 05, but still in pretty heaving rotation for him, and occasionally for me 🙂 The pants are Gap Outlet from Spring 05.

    I haven’t started greening my wardrobe, but I try to take good care of things so they will last.

  13. Patricia says:

    Today, as with most days, I am entirely dressed in pre-loved clothes. I am wearing a sweater and slacks and shoes from Savers. Even the underware I have on I was given to me by a friend whose mother passed away and wore the same size as me. After several washings, I now have enough panties to last for several years. I love not shopping at the mall. Most of what we purchase new is for gifts, but this year I have re-thought that and many gifts are being hand made by me as we speak. It makes me feel much better than just handing over my credit card for something new!

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