Freebies & deals – Friday wrap-up

This week, several great deals have come to my attention.

Eco-friendl(ier) Arm & Hammer products

Arm & Hammer will give you a rebate to try their new Essentials products. These cleaning products are made with natural ingredients, and they come with an empty spray bottle and a cleaner concentrate. You pour the concentrate in the bottle, mix with water and use. Then you can purchase new concentrates rather than a whole new spray bottle. Good deal if you buy cleaning products … although these products are not yet available in my local store.

Whole Foods $5 off $25 this week

A reader sent me this coupon, which will save you $5 off a purchase of $25 or more at Whole Foods (a.k.a. Whole Paycheck, so it should be easy to reach that $25 mark). Ladies, if you are still on the hunt for a Diva Cup, see if your store carries it … the coupon could make for some great savings.

Warehouse clubs – try and/or compare

This week, supposedly, Sam’s Club is offering a $10 trial membership for 10 weeks so new prospective members can give it a test run. I can’t find information about this trial on the Sam’s Club site, but I’ve seen it several places around the blogosphere. Please chime in if you have the scoop!

The topic of warehouse clubs came up this week at my knitting group. One member said they go to Sam’s Club because it’s so much cheaper than Costco (and they compared side-by-side prices). I haven’t shopped at Sam’s Club for at least five years, since my daughter was in diapers — we switched to Costco when a Costco opened in our area — so I don’t have a good comparison. I’m pleased with Costco’s business practices and the amount of organic options they offer. And I do know I save significant amounts on eggs, dog food, shampoo, flour, sugar, coffee, spices, etc.

And the option we do not have in Colorado, so I know nothing about it, is BJ’s, which does offer a one-day pass (for a surcharge of 15 percent).

If you have all three options and would like to compare, check out this article from SmartMoney that compares costs at the big three warehouse clubs to fill a similar shopping list.


3 thoughts on “Freebies & deals – Friday wrap-up

  1. Claire Walter says:

    I believe that Costco has more ethical practices — both in terms of sourcing and treatment of employees — than Sam’s Club, which is part of the Wal-Mart family. If politics matter, also know that the Walton family (Wal-Mart, Sam’s Cub) are among the most generous donors to very conservative causes (pro school vouchers, estate tax issues, anti-union movements, etc.) and rightwing candidates. For a tip of the iceberg, see

  2. Nikol says:

    I compared the Costco and Sam’s on dozens of grocery and general items 3 years ago when I still shopped at Wal-Mart/Sam’s (I don’t now), both in Austin, TX, and in Topeka, KS/Kansas City, MO (where I lived before, nearest warehouse store cities to where I live now).

    Costco was cheaper almost across the board in apples-to-apples and equivalent per-unit comparisons (not just overall package price). They also had way better produce, significantly more organics, recycled, and real food (not just processed boxed junk food), better quality ready-made, more pleasant (and I feel weird saying this, but seemingly brighter) workers, a cleaner, better-lit store, and just a nicer product selection overall. The only thing I miss from Sam’s is the commercial kitchen stuff (steam trays, commercial serving spoons, lexans, etc.). Costco is twice as far from our rural home, which actually saves us gas/time/money, as we only hit Costco when we’re already going to KC, and we always keep a Costco list. There’s no temptation to make an unplanned run when the store’s 2 hours away.

  3. cheaplikeme says:

    Ah ha! Let the warehouse wars continue …

    I keep coming across things that we buy at Costco that save us so much money … coffee, olive oil, dog food … and the politics are a significant motivator for me in choosing Costco over Sam’s — and often over other stores. So much so that now we have upgraded to the “Executive Membership.” Think some stock options come with that?

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