Check out the meat-eating poll results

On World Vegetarian Day, I put up a survey of how much meat Cheap Like Me readers eat.

Only a few dozen of you responded, but you can see the results here. You were pretty much split 50-50 between those who eat red meat and those who don’t, with 30 percent being vegetarian or vegan.

Now go celebrate with a (veggie? bison? steer?) burger.


One thought on “Check out the meat-eating poll results

  1. LT Ellis says:

    I actually wanted to vote, but there wasn’t a category for me. I eat small amounts of meat – almost all meats: cow, pig, fowl, fish – but only a few times a week.

    I eat eggs, but only as a minor ingredient in something (they gross me out).

    I avoid virtually all cow’s milk products. First, I am not a baby cow and, therefore, do not need cow’s milk and, second, consuming milk-products causes a strong histamine reaction very rapidly, clogging my sinuses and throat with excess mucus. (I know, too much info)

    In our family, our child (age 11) eats no flesh of any kind, consumes eggs only as a minor ingredient in other things and milk products in desserts only on rare occasions.

    My partner is the omnivore and eats all animal products but in small amounts and not that often. Since he does virtually all the food shopping and cooking, I probably eat more meat than I would otherwise.

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