Friday wrap-up: Angel Food, gift cards

Angel Food – $30 for $60 of food

I saw this site mentioned in a couple of places this week — the Angel Food Ministries provide a way for consumers to purchase a monthly “menu” of about $65 worth of food for $30. It is first-quality food distributed at local locations, and for those in need, the program accepts food stamps. The list I saw for our state includes a lot of meat, which makes it unsuitable for vegetarians; but for meat-eaters, it could be stretched a long way. They also offer supplemental menus for purchasers to get a special deal on meat or vegetables in addition to the regular menu. It looks like a lifesaver for families in need — or just in need of stretching their dollars.

Recycle gift cards

And gift cards are wonderful … but don’t you feel a twinge of guilt when you know the retailer is throwing away that plastic, sometimes after you’ve only had it in your hot little hand for a day or two? Green Daily posted about Earthworks, a company that recycles gift cards. You can send them in yourself, or urge retailers to send them in by the boatload. It’s free.


3 thoughts on “Friday wrap-up: Angel Food, gift cards

  1. Jenna says:

    One word of caution regarding the Angel boxes… they can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to quality. One month thick pork chops (heavily salted) the next I recieved a package of “ribs” that even the neighbors dog wouldn’t touch – completly bare bones that had been preserved in something that made them slimy. Couldn’t even make stock out of them.

    They are a great idea for someone who might need a month or two of a pantry start, but after that it can be far cheaper (and far healthier) to simply shop the sales and look for better deals. Almost everything is processed and preserved – not the healthiest way to feed yourself.

    I will say I “made” my inlaws buy a few boxes, and we got them as well. Most of the food works for emergency prep style issues. One month they included shelf-stable milk that went straight into the emergency box.

  2. nancy says:

    In response to Jenna:

    I too, have been slightly disappointed in one or two food items since beginning my volunteer-work/personal purchase time with AFM, over a year ago. However, thank the Lord, it is not my only means of feeding my family. You are right about the ribs. The pork variations may not be what I would buy either. But when you look at the hundreds of thousands of items shipped and distributed during the month, the few items that are not our favorite picks is minuscule and should not even be remembered much less discussed. Please take a step back and really look at what AngelFood for what it is and what it does for the community. You are very fortunate to be knowledgeable about good food. What if you didn’t know any better? As as for putting what you “do not need” in the emergency box, I thought that was a done deal with anyone who uses AngelFood as a “pantry filler”. I always tell every purchaser to donate those items not normally used in their household to our Emergency Pantry. I hope you will be able to find something positive with your association with AFM.

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