First CSA delivery

CSA1Thursday was an exciting day: Our first CSA delivery arrived.

We stopped by our lovely host’s home and picked up our giant box, in which a couple of the ballyhooed-by-e-mail crops (garlic scapes – 4; Vidalia onion – 1) looked particularly pitiful.

The contents of our small share (half-share) were:

  • One lovely head of Bibb/butter lettuce.
  • One head of red leaf lettuce.
  • One head of green leaf lettuce.
  • One giant bunch of spinach.
  • One very nice sized bunch of cilantro.
  • Four radishes (this is about right – we are not crazy about radishes; but Little Cheap likes them).
  • Three stalks of rhubarb.
  • One Vidalia onion (these are a trade with a Georgia grower).
  • A bunch of organic celery (not fit for market, but still usable; a “toss-in” from some other farm).
  • Garlic scapes — the tops of garlic, which have been praised wildly by a local food blogger and again via our CSA newsletter — we got four of these. Pretty slim pickin’s.

We have lettuce coming out our ears from our own garden, and we’re a little bit spinach-ed out, with tons of kale to come, so I will be sharing some lettuce and spinach with my sister.

The garlic scapes went into a stir-fry last night with some baby bok choy and delicious enoki mushrooms from HMart (thanks, Mr. Cheap!).

I’m going to come up with some kind of rhubarb goodness this weekend. And other than that, I am looking forward to lettuce season’s passing.


One thought on “First CSA delivery

  1. importer says:

    That’s is why I have hesitated to sign up with our local CSA. I didn’t know if I would be able to use all the vegetables within a reasonable time.

    Also, we have a local farmers market, I find it more pleasant to go through and plan my menu based on what I find the freshest and most appealing, not have to base my menu on what is going south in the refrigerator.

    We have lettuce in the yard, cilantro(too much, it’s bolting) and tons of rhubarb.

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