Coupons & savings on organic goodies and freezing milk

This showed up yesterday on The “Cent”sible Sawyer – coupons for organic goods. I would save it for Friday, but some of these things can expire quickly, so I’d advise jumping right on it.

Some of the services only send you coupons once, so bear that in mind, as well.

I had my own money-saving moment this week in the dairy section. First, I found that my Organic Valley organic, local milk, which has been selling for $5.29 a gallon for a year, has now gone up in price to $5.89 a gallon. YIKES! Horizon hasn’t yet followed, but I expect they will.

Fortunately, I turned around and saw a bunch of half-gallons of Organic Valley milk in the Manager’s Special area for $1.49 a half-gallon … with expiration dates of June 20 and June 22. So I bought four half-gallons (for $2.98 per gallon, a pretty good savings).

One is in the refrigerator. With the others, I poured off a few ounces into the open container of milk we had left in the fridge. Then I closed up the cartons and popped them in our chest freezer. Just take them out
a day or two before you need them and let them thaw in the refrigerator. I don’t notice a taste difference … or if there is one, it’s well worth saving $3 a gallon.

Usually, I buy milk by the gallon because at least the plastic jugs are recyclable … but desperate times lead to desperate measures.

What are you doing to save on organic goods? Are you still buying organic, or is cheap winning out?


3 thoughts on “Coupons & savings on organic goodies and freezing milk

  1. Ellen Moeller says:

    I am making a lot more things at home. While I LOVE Silk soy milk, it’s too $$ now, so I’ve grown to tolerate our homemade brew. Sometimes I strain it with cheesecloth and that helps. I’m working on getting up the courage to make my own tofu and tempeh in the next few days. I already make our seitan and fake cheeses. Basically, if something if getting to $$ for us, I try and create it at home. My CSA is starting up, thank goodness, so we’ll be full up on veggies for a few months now.

  2. erin says:

    We are still buying organic – and thank you for the coupons! I printed out 7 coupons (6 for things I currently use, 1 for something that looked yummy). I had 4 coupons emailed to me and I filled out a survey for some more coupons to be mailed to me. Very cool. I think you just saved me at least 10 bucks!

    We really haven’t changed what we are buying…but I will say that I have been making home made hummus from dried beans. It is cheaper AND I don’t have an unrecyclable plastic tub at the end.

    We don’t drink milk so we aren’t as aware of it as a “known value item”. I got that term from a cool discussion course I am taking called “Menu for the Future” which is a Northwest Earth Institute ( course. Have you ever taken one? You are in CO, right? Here is the contact information: Rocky Mountain Earth Institute, Penni Duncan, Colorado Springs, CO,,

    The more I think about it the more I think you might like that course plus one of my favorites called “Choices for Sustainable Living” (although you may be too far advanced for that one). 🙂 Enjoy.

  3. jessimonster says:

    I’m still buying organic milk, but I get the store brand organic. I’ve been thinking about switching to raw milk, but I’m trying to cut back on dairy period. Freezing milk is a good idea though, I’ll have to try that.

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