Really cool blender tip

smoothieCheck out this post that tells how to use a canning jar on your blender to blend things right in the jar — then flip it over, attach a lid and you’re ready to go!

The post and the comments suggest uses like:

  • Whipped cream
  • Chopped nuts
  • Ground spices
  • Using Mason mugs for frozen drinks right in the jar

Smoothies, anyone? Sounds like a great way to whip up a protein drink in the morning, put a lid on it and take it along for lunch or a snack — with no plastic and no extra dishes. If you’re more flexible on plastic, these reusable plastic lids turn canning jars into excellent storage containers.

I did make a smoothie for lunch and would just have you note: Don’t fill it too full or it just might spray you with raspberry protein drink. Hypothetically speaking.

Also, an energy-saving tip – in the small jar, my smoothie blended SO fast — in just a few seconds. It would have taken longer in the blender pitcher.


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