You say potato, I say pee-tato

golden showersCrunchy Chicken’s latest brainstorm is a garden potty party on June 21. And that’s not a pitcher of lemonade in the graphic.

Nope. It’s urine.

The good news: You don’t have to drink it!

(Although, supposedly, you could. Which reminds me of the time when I shared an apartment with L’An, about 15 years ago, and we read an article about a man who did just that. Then she spotted my glass of yellowish liquid in the fridge and was very concerned … Not to worry, it was pineapple juice.)

Back to the party! In a nutshell, on June 21, you are invited to join the weirdos online by saving your urine, diluting it 1:10 with water, and pouring it on your lawn or garden instead of flushing it. Think about it: Pee contains nitrogen and can be used as fertilizer. Why wash away perfectly good fertilizer with perfectly good drinking water?

If you don’t want to add it to growing things, you can add it without dilution to your compost pile (guys, you have a shortcut to this method, but perhaps wait till after dark).

If you are collecting your “golden shower” inside, how to do it? The gents can use a bottle, I suppose. For the ladies, I can imagine several ways:

  • Use a bottle, too, with the addition of a “Lady J.”
  • Use your shower-water bucket. I think one could hang over the edge of the tub for the ultimate in accident prevention, or daredevils could just go to town.
  • Chile recommended the Luggable Loo toilet seat to plop on top of a 5-gallon bucket.
  • Those going pro could invest in the fancy-schmancy “hassock toilet.” (I saw these at my Wal-Mart’s camping section for $22.)
  • Take your pee-collection on the road with the Stadium Gal. Just kidding on this one! Yuck. But that’s just me.

Apartment dwellers, Crunchy suggests stealthily watering some neighborhood plants in the dark of night.

So let us know if urine you’re in?

Note: We are participating in this one (Mr. Cheap volunteered first); however, I’m going to keep the specifics under wraps. I will offer the disclaimer that despite the title of this post, I did NOT water the potatoes with urine, nor do I intend to. And you can safely eat the veggies here without worrying about consuming our “night water.” Go in pees peace.


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