How about 235 mpg?

Last week, I wrote about a forthcoming hybrid vehicle from Honda. Some of the comments concerned the fact that today’s hybrids scarcely get better mileage than some vehicles got in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s — hardly enough to justify their higher expense.

How about a VW that gets 235 miles to the gallon? That blows the early Hondas out of the water. Tentatively slated to be available in 2010 in limited quantities, the Volkswagen 1l (for 1 liter of fuel per 100km) is a two-seater — but with that mileage you can get the kids their own. (Via Green Daily)

It’s supposedly a safe vehicle, according to the VW Web site, but I notice they didn’t attach a price. I don’t think we’ve seen a cheap VW since the original Bug, so meanwhile, the jury is out.

Would you ride two in a row if it saved you that much gas?


4 thoughts on “How about 235 mpg?

  1. erin says:

    Heck yes I would ride two in a row. Problem is my kids aren’t old enough to drive. 😉

    I have a Honda Civic Hybrid and I used to have a Honda Civic. My regular Honda Civic got 35 mpg in summer and about 28 in winter. The hybrid gets 39 to 42 mpg (I haven’t noticed a seasonal difference). The best milage we ever got was a long trip, mostly highway when we got 51 mpg. We haven’t seen that high of a number since.

  2. Claire Walter says:

    I have been a longtime Subaru driver (I’m on my fourth one, a 2000 Outback w/ 5-speed standard transmission that just rolled over 110,000 miles). I’ve never succumbed to the turbo temptation and think the Tribeca was the wrong vehicle at this time. With just me driving the speed limit and a non-heavy load, I get close to 30MPG on the open road. All my Subarus have done well with a light accelerator foot and careful shifting.

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