Deals of the Week: Bed, Bath & Beyond and Economic Stimulus Bonuses

We haven’t had a deal of the week in some time, so here are a couple of money-saving tips.

I just heard an anecdote from someone who bought a pricey item at Bed, Bath & Beyond — at a time when she didn’t have one of their ubiquitous coupons with her. The store associate told her to bring back her receipt with a coupon, and they would do a price correction. She did it yesterday, and it worked. So if you buy at BBB without a coupon, don’t despair — return when you’ve got the coupon in hand.

This article in Boulder, Colo.’s Daily Camera mentions that Sears and Kroger are offering a 10% bonus on gift cards if you purchase them with your economic stimulus check. If you aren’t planning to pay off debt right away and can take your savings a little at a time, a $1200 check coming to many couples would net a $120 bonus — a better return than any of the cash-back credit cards people fight to get!


One thought on “Deals of the Week: Bed, Bath & Beyond and Economic Stimulus Bonuses

  1. Melissa says:

    I, too have purchased from BBB when I didn’t have a coupon with me, and was told the same thing. I took the receipt back with the coupon when one next arrived and they quickly processed a refund of the difference. Very exciting!

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