Friday Wrap-Up: Shopping makes you dumb and savings secrets

Here’s another great reason to avoid shopping:

New research shows that too many consumer choices can have deleterious effects on your health. … The more purchasing choices the participants had made during the day at the mall, the less likely the participants were able to solve simple arithmetic problems.

I know I for one have had that total brain fuzz after an exhausting day of errands. The kind where I can’t seem to finish a …

What was I saying?

See the whole wrap-up on Green Daily here.

And published an article on “extreme savers” — but it means people who save a lot of money on their life expenses, not people who go nuts doing it.


3 thoughts on “Friday Wrap-Up: Shopping makes you dumb and savings secrets

  1. Jenna says:

    I’ll agree that I get more then a tad frazzled if you force me to shop in a mall. And make me do nothing but shop all day? I’m ready to curl in a ball and ignore the world. But I will conceed it depends on where I’m shopping. Drop me in a book/yarn/gardening center? I’m good.

    Good luck with the rest of Crunchy’s challenge. I had to pull myself from the ranks after yesterday. I’ll skip the long reason (top post on my blog for that if you’re bored) but let us say instead my husband and I were out and about and wii found something that we crashed over.

  2. Going Crunchy says:

    I can believe it. Even pre-crunchy I’d have a good stiff martini when I had to go shopping for the holidays. Drink one, shop as quickly as possible.

    The less I shop, the happier! I’ve found I try to make only 1 grocery trip a week and it’s less stress and less chances to spend money.

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