Midway through Buy Nothing Challenge

It’s April 16, so I’m more than halfway through my Buy Nothing Challenge with Crunchy Chicken.

Last week

Last week started out pretty well. The only non-necessary thing I bought was a funny birthday card for my sister. I also bought a latte at Starbucks, but it made me nauseous and I complained, so coupons are on the way from Starbucks, so it was sort of un-bought, in a way.

That doesn’t mean I *spent* nothing, sadly. We spent $1,100 to fix Mr. Cheap’s car up so we can sustain it as a moving vehicle for a little while longer. (And today, the starter is dead, so we will be spending still more.)

On Saturday … well … honest to God, the whole thing just slipped my mind. I was having a lovely morning with a friend and bought some cookies to bring home (from a small, local, family-run deli!). (While I am feeling guilty, the cookies came in a big plastic box and I also wasted a plate and didn’t bring my own coffee cup – argh!) Then I hit a great local yarn shop. I did a great job not buying any raw fleece (wool straight from the sheep), because I have … er … um … a lot of it already in my basement. Inside, however, I was intoxicated by the beautiful yarn, my desire to learn a new way to knit socks, my foiled plan to make Mr. Cheap a pair of socks for Christmas, and the fact that I am taking a possibly TV-watching-intensive weekend trip and need a small project. So, I bought yarn. And yesterday I compounded my sin by buying needles with which to knit the yarn.  (Eventually, I will own every knitting needle known to man and won’t have to buy anymore.)

This week

In addition to the needles, this week I bought a few things for Little Cheap’s mandatory packing list for an overnight field trip next month. (I did look at Goodwill twice first, though.)

This morning, in addition to the car’s starter being dead, our toaster had no vital signs, and I picked up a replacement at Goodwill. (We do use the toaster several times a week, and it’s far more wasteful to toast under the broiler or even using my camping toaster on the stovetop.) I am hoping to Freecycle the old one to someone who can fix it — I don’t have time to try.

I bought eight bags of steer manure, a couple of packets of seeds and a bag of potting soil for Little Cheap’s Daisy troop’s Earth Day project next week, but food-growing garden supplies are allowed in the challenge.

I am feeling a shift in my consciousness (when not intoxicated by knitting fiber or cookies, my weaknesses). Little Cheap reminded me not to buy a pair of jeans for Mr. Cheap the other day. I put back the extra canning kettle and never picked up the dehydrator I was ogling at the thrift store.

Has the challenge caused anyone else to rethink purchases? Fill us in!


4 thoughts on “Midway through Buy Nothing Challenge

  1. Jenna says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one susceptible to yarn fumes. Eerily enough, the two big “Crud, money out the door moments” here in the nerdly nest are yarn – the shop only had three more skeins in a certain dye lot for a shrug I was half finished knitting. So I grabbed that and ran.

    The other expense?

    We got rearended by a snowplow and while the insurance (his) is paying for the $1,800 bucks in damage, we decided to bite the bullet all at once and while the car is up on the stand, husband dear is installing new brakes, pads, shoes, and callipers. Might as well watch it all go out in a whoosh then have it trickle away I suppose.

    Other then that, I’m trying to simply stay outta the stores. There are a few books I want that I’m holding off until May to buy… but all in all I’m wondering if this exercise has a real point. We already do a lot of making do or simply remaking, and the items I’m putting off buying will get picked up in May. At this point, I’m staying in because I said I would… but I am at the point where it all seems a tad pointless. Pretty sure I’ll skip the next challenge that runs along these lines. But then, I’m pretty cheap anyway!

  2. Barbara says:

    get those books from the library! : ) most libraries you can go on their website & place a reserve on a book for free or a small fee and have it sent to the nearest branch, then they’ll call you or email you when it comes in…you may have to wait, but if you’re waiting until May anyway…
    barbara (the librarian)

  3. cheaplikeme says:

    @Jenna – Cue “Twilight Zone” music. And watch out for your toaster …

    @Barbara – Yay librarians! We visit our library at LEAST once a week. We heart libraries.

  4. Melissa says:

    I like my card! And I plan to take it to work and show it to everyone. Hmm. Maybe I can recycle part of it (you know which part I mean) into a card for YOU or Little Cheap. 🙂

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