I’m very bad at buying nothing

Life’s only over when you stop learning, they say, and if that’s the case, I’m living!

It turns out that it’s no wonder my blog focuses on trying to be green and save money … and not on how to totally minimize consumption.

It’s because I really stink at buying nothing, as my (lame) participation in the Buy Nothing Challenge has shown. Over at Crunchy Chicken (host/inspiration goddess of the challenge), she has a Sunday Confessional where readers can confess what they bought this week. Um, not to sound bitter, but most of the participants confessed that they bought groceries or garden supplies (both allowed) — and that they spend less than usual on groceries.

I, of course, bought *more* groceries than usual, went to the eye doctor, bought my first airplane tickets in four years, plan to buy more airplane tickets to go away with Mr. Cheap to celebrate finishing school, got a haircut (disallowed, though I protest), bought new light fixtures for the room where I’m moving my office, got a list of supplies for Little Cheap’s overnight field trip next month that will necessitate some purchases (though we found hiking boots at the thrift store) AND to top it off it looks like we will be car-shopping. Not to mention the extra-large, king-size check I will mail to the IRS in a few days. I think my “Buy Nothing” month will be my spendiest in a long, long time.

Well, every good challenge needs a loser to lose it!

Or maybe this week will be better and I can report next week that I bought nothing.


One thought on “I’m very bad at buying nothing

  1. sam says:

    Maybe we can explain to the gov’t that we are participating in this challenge and in turn won’t have to pay back any of the green. Ha, ha, ha 😉 Wishful thinking I guess. As Mr. Loving Green says, “Life is what happens when you plan something else.”

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