Earth Hour – March 29

On Saturday night – March 29 – from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m., it’s Earth Hour.

Dozens – or hundreds – of cities and millions of people around the world are participating. You’re invited to turn off your lights (and any other energy-using device) for one hour.

The event was created by the World Wildlife Fund last year, and this year it’s spreading around the world. There are 25 “official” Earth Hour cities representing every time zone, and many others are participating (including my hometown of Denver, and a shout out to little La Plata, Colo., which is listed on Earth Hour’s home page

You can find out a little bit more at the MySpace at

Overall, this appears to be a “just do it” kind of thing — neither site seems to have tons of information about the event.

What I think is kind of cool is that huge buildings and structures are going dark (turning off “nonessential” lighting, anyway), from McDonald’s arches in Chicago (and maybe elsewhere?) to the Golden Gate Bridge. Imagine the calming effect if, every night, cities turned down the lights. (Better still if they delivered hot cocoa to our doors, but one out of two is nothing to sneeze at.)

Do tell … will you participate? What will you do? (And does this mean my dream of going to a movie on Saturday night while Little Cheap is at Grandma’s is out …?)


4 thoughts on “Earth Hour – March 29

  1. BoBo says:

    What a ridiculous response to a imaginary problem. Man has nothing to do with climate change and hundreds of scientists agree with me. I plan to turn on EXTRA lights between 8-9 p.m. on March 29th to offset you lunatics and your efforts. All of my friends and families plan to do the same, by the way.

  2. Cheap Like Me says:

    Oh, come now … if you refer to people you don’t even know as “lunatics,” you can’t have THAT many friends anyway. So I don’t s’pose it will matter much.

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