Shave your trash

Just a quickie: Don’t forget that you can compost that hair from your hairbrush, toe- and fingernail clippings and … well, that’s all the human-body detritus I, for one, want to know about. But it’s compostable. Just in case it was filling up your trash can.

Little Cheap and I tried to set out hair, lint, and leftover sheep’s wool from my spinning habit for the birds to make nests this spring, but they haven’t seemed to want it. (The dog, however, wants to eat the wool, which is likely bad for his intestines, so we gave it up.)

Do you have any other brilliant lint-disposal ideas?


7 thoughts on “Shave your trash

  1. Jenna says:

    Since most of the clothes the Prime Geek and I wear are natural fibers I save the lint to make fire starters for the woodburner and for camping trips.

    Lint, sawdust, a bit of beeswax (and if you are feeling rather Martha Stewart-y a few drops of essential oil.) mix it up, pack it into ice cube trays – retired from freezer survice – and allow to harden.

    Works a treat.

  2. Cheap Like Me says:

    Ah, not having a wood burner bites us again.

    Hmm … we have a live dog (and a squirrel-hunting cat) in the neighborhood, but that doesn’t keep them away … although come to think of it, they do less damage than pre-dog days. Too bad the dog doesn’t shed!

  3. cheaplikeme says:

    Oh my goodness. What will they think of next? Maybe we will have to try it. I don’t use the dryer much, so if I save lint for a year, maybe we’ll have enough!

    Little Cheap did mention next year’s party will save penguins …

  4. cheaplikeme says:

    It’s compostable when it’s natural fibers, but plastic doesn’t break down, so that part isn’t. I guess ours is mostly natural, though…

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