Friday wrap-up: Savers Earth Day promotion, Econ “Happy Talk,” living on less

This year, to celebrate Earth Day, Savers stores are offering a special frequent buyer promotion. Basically the more you shop there, the more stamps you can collect to earn a 30% off discount. It still sounds like a lot of shopping to me, but if you’re in the market for a big-ticket discount-store item, go for it!

Mother Earth News this week promoted an article on 75 ways to live on less, written by an author who says he and his wife lived on $4,304 in 2005. He doesn’t quite say how they do it … or what region they live in … but check it out if you want some tips — then come back and let us know what you think of the ideas.

Jeff Thredgold, an economist who works for a client of mine, puts out an interesting economic newsletter. This week, it’s titled “Happy Talk,” and it’s all about good stuff. His points include that violent crime, child abuse, teen drug use, teen pregnancy, abortion, car accidents, children’s accidental deaths, smoking and air pollution are all down — and income, college education and recycling are up: