The sights of spring

Spring is on its way!

It was a balmy 60-some degrees here in Denver yesterday.

Mr. Cheap refilled the bird feeder and did this:


We’ve seen and heard birds including blue jays, robins, red-winged blackbirds, in addition to the usual chickadees, seagulls, crows and Canada geese. One morning I even saw a red-tailed hawk on a light post near Little Cheap’s school. We’ve draped the budding forsythia bush with bits of discarded wool from my hand-spinning operations, in hopes the birds or squirrels can use them for their nests.

The weather all weekend has been good enough for hanging laundry outside at last …laundry

… and it’s warm enough to inspire us to think about the work our driveway badly needs (can you tell?).

Inside, Little Cheap and a friend this week helped Mr. Cheap get some Napa cabbage underway.

cabbage seeds

With all the sightings of birds returning from southern sojourns, plants turning green at the bottoms, and everything from mice to wasps beginning to stir in the compost bin, dare we suspect that spring is on its way?

All the excitement is getting us ready to plant the spring seeds – peas, spinach and broccoli – and start planning the year’s garden cycle.

How are you celebrating spring’s coming?


3 thoughts on “The sights of spring

  1. Jenna says:

    Allow me a moment of childishness as I blow you a raspberry! -thhp-

    I’m sitting in Oh watching the snow fall, all ready at five inches and growing.

    Otherwise, very nifty and enjoy the sunshine.

    I think its time to root out my seedling trays and try to remember spring WILL come.

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