Tagged and double-tagged!

Oooh, I feel so popular! Wait, that’s not cool, right? I mean it’s sooo annoying to talk about myself. Just kidding, I love to talk about myself, so here we go. Don’t worry, it’s quick!

The rules for this meme are:
~ Link to the person that tagged you. Loving Green AND Naturally Nerds. Thanks, ladies!

~ Post the rules on your blog.

~ Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

~ Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

~ Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Here we go – here are my six unimportant things:

  1. While I am a neatnik in 90% of my home, my office is typically a disaster.
  2. I am a bit of a grammar nerd, a bit of an intellectual snob at times, and yet I can pass many a contented hour watching TLC or HGTV, “Celebrity Rehab” or even the Tyra Banks Show. Especially if I am knitting or spinning (or, when virtuous, working out).
  3. I really loved the movie “Bride and Prejudice.” If I haven’t yet forced you to watch it, please watch it. Enjoy.
  4. I did my taxes the other night. I owe Uncle Sam a lot of money.
  5. I am obsessing a little bit about trading in our countertop compost bin for one I saw in a catalog that can be mounted inside the kitchen cabinet door, out of sight.
  6. I have frequent neck pain, and so I tend to stretch (and sometimes pop) my neck. When my neck popped the other day in this circumstance, Mr. Cheap thought I farted. So if you know me in real life, and you’ve been concerned that I was just standing/sitting there and let one fly, it was just my neck popping, and I apologize for the confusion.

Six random bloggers… Well, if they were truly random, I would just do a search and post the first blogs I find, but I won’t do that. Instead, here are my bloggers, random in the sense that they are unrelated (except for #2, who is related to me), but selected, of course:

  1. Leonine Times http://leoninetimes.blogspot.com/
  2. Stamping Through the Tulips http://stampingthroughthetulips.blogspot.com/
  3. Green as a Thistle http://greenasathistle.com/
  4. Verda Vivo http://verdavivo.wordpress.com/
  5. Fluid Pudding http://www.fluidpudding.com/
  6. Culinary Colorado http://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com/

Thank you, and good night.


5 thoughts on “Tagged and double-tagged!

  1. Daryl Warner Laux says:

    Your #6 unimportant thing made me laugh out loud! Thanks for including me on your random blog list. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Claire Walter says:

    1. Cheap Like Me and I seem to have been twins, separated at birth. I am pretty neat and orderly too — except for the office. There are piles, piles and more piles. Considering that we are living in an increasingly paperless world, I sure have a lot of paper.

    2. Cats have ben my lifelong pets of choice. When I was a child, I had two consecutive cats named Friskie and one name Cutie, which I decided to spell Quity. I was seven at the time and have no idea why. My current all-black cat is named Johnny Cash.

    3. When I need to get away from the office (I’m a work-at-home writer) I veg out for an hour w/ HGTV, the Food Network or CNN Headline News.

    4. I live in Colorado but joke that after 19 1/2 yearsm, I’m still on Eastern Time because I get up so early. The truth is that mornings here are intensely beautiful.

    5. When I moved into my brownstone in Hoboken, NJ, several rooms were painted green, and I couldn’t wait to repaint in other colors. When I bought my house in Boulder, CO, nothing was green, and I found myself painting rooms in that color. But it was a different green.

    6. The first fourteener (Colorado’s 54 mountains higher than 14,000 feet) that I climbed was Mount Sherman.


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