Finding meat of one’s own

Yesterday, I posted about our upcoming order of a quarter beef. This purchase is part of our ongoing work to consume only meat that has been “treated kindly,” as Little Cheap puts it. At age 6 (and 5/6ths), she is a dedicated carnivore, but even her meaty preferences have wavered in the face of word of factory farming.

This month, I’ve had some casual discussion with a farmer who is looking to sell her farm. I can’t buy the farm (I’m too young! I have too much to live for! Ha ha, love that joke), but we’ve had “what if we swapped homes? who knows what will happen?” conversations. This has brought up a whole host of hopes and dreams about her business, which partly involves raising animals for meat.

Thinking about that business led me to this meat directory for Colorado. It lists local producers, their product, their conditions and how to reach them. It’s just what I needed when I started searching months ago, and a wonderful companion to the Local Harvest farm finder.

And meanwhile, if you have a brilliant scheme to invest in a farm, let me know.


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