Water chart & water-saving wish list

OK! Are You Going to Be This Way the Rest of the Time I Know You? not only likes to conserve water, too, she also is more talented than I and converted my water use chart into a jpeg for me.

Voila, the illustration of our water use the last few years! (We are billed bimonthly, thus six bills per year.)

water use chart

Note that the spike corresponds with Denver Water’s suggested outdoor watering schedule, posted in 2006.

And my husband pointed out that rain barrels (as well as using grey water … but not unused water) are illegal in Denver.

In the kitchen this morning, I wished for another invention — a “tiny tap” that would open a tap just a smidge, if you need a few drops of water or if you need to rinse some little tiny thing, when you don’t need the faucet at full force.

What water-savers would you invent, given your druthers?


6 thoughts on “Water chart & water-saving wish list

  1. BeThisWay says:

    Im sorry, but that’s got to be one the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. It’s illegal to re-use water you’ve paid for?

    And I get two for the price of one. It’s illegal to collect your own? Because someone else has the rights to the water that falls from the sky?

    Has the world gone insane?

  2. cheaplikeme says:

    I think it’s a Western thing … all water rights are argued and legislated and regulated — including, yes, the water that falls from the sky. Read The Milagro Beanfield War for a humorous (yet true) view!

  3. frankschulteladbeck says:

    I clicked through on your links about the water rights, and it is amazing that no reasoning is given beyond the fact that you are considered to be stealing water from others, but even the description of who owns the water seems a bit odd. As for the statement in the link about this being common everywhere east of the Mississippi, I know that is not the case in Texas (rain collecting is a big deal in the central part of the state), and I have seen it in other states, but maybe they are in violation of their laws.

  4. L'an says:

    Whoa. That is beyond ridiculous. I had no idea… and if I’m ever ticketed for pouring gray water on my plants, I’m going to plead ignorance. How did Mr. Cheap find that info in the first place?? And if you mail-order a rain barrel anyway, will the water police track you down? The mind boggles…

  5. Cheap Like Me says:

    Um, he has an inherent knowledge of obscure water law? I don’t know.

    I don’t think the water police have enough resources to track down barrel-orderers … yet. They don’t even have enough manpower to ticket wasteful sidewalk-waterers, and I think (hope!) they’ll target them first.

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