Why to reuse a bag

1 Bag at a TimeThis year, I’ve acquired a couple of 1 Bag at a Time reusable bags at Vitamin Cottage (once when I needed an extra, once when I forgot my bags and invested 99 cents in a new one rather than taking a disposable).

These bags come with a tag listing some reasons to reuse a bag:

  1. The petroleum in 14 plastic bags could drive a car 1 mile. (And think about it: My grocery store posts guidelines of 5 items per bag for its baggers. 14 bags sack just 70 items — one or two shopping trips for most of us.)
  2. Americans use over 14 billion plastic bags annually.
  3. It takes 70% more global warming gases to make a paper bag than a plastic bag.
  4. Paper bags do not biodegrade in landfills. (This site explains the reason like this: “Although paper can be biodegradable, typical landfills lack the water, light, and oxygen required for the degradation process.”)
  5. Cities spend up to 17 cents per bag on disposal costs.

Do you want all that on your conscience?

Re-using a bag is an easy change. In fact, it saves work because you won’t have to dispose of those mounds of plastic bags (but if you do, recycle them!). Reusable bags are easier to carry and won’t break and spill your groceries all over the parking lot.

Learn more about 1 Bag at a Time, their bags and their info at their Web site here.

Image and list of facts courtesy 1 Bag at a Time.


One thought on “Why to reuse a bag

  1. neomyth says:

    the fact that reuseable bags are so sturdy makes me wonder why people still use plastic bags. At last check, I could fit 21 cans of dog food and a small pack of dog treats into one bag, still carry it without having the strap dig into my shoulder and not worry about it falling over when I put it down or worse, the bottom falling out halfway across the road. I have bags I have used since they first became availible in Australia and haven’t worn one out yet.

    I can’t wait until stores start charging for plastic and paper bags. Make it not as convenient!

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