Heat and heating update

Back in October, I reported on my new stay-warm strategy for this winter. After a reader commented to tell me I got my units of measurement wrong (doh!), I thought it might be a good time for an update.

1. The long underwear works. I don’t like how it feels, but oh well.

2. Haven’t finished the fingerless gloves.

3. Thermostat: OK, it was at 55 for a while, but it’s just too darn cold. We were *freezing* at night. I moved it to 58 and haven’t noticed the chill.

The rest are working out, too.

Best of all, I received my first utility bill that showed a full month using the electric blankets. In our most recent month, our electricity use was 357 kilowatt hours (right?) for the month. This is really exciting, because it’s right on track with our goal for the 90% reduction project for electricity. (We would get 90 kwh/month x 4 because our electricity is all wind-powered.)

On our previous bill, we used 272 kwh. Our electricity use has variedfrom an all-time high of $98.12 for March 2007 to $33.52 month before last. (The same month last year cost us $37.77.)

As for natural gas, which my furnace burns, my commenter listed his in CCFs, and sadly, I don’t even know what that is. My gas bill measures in therms. Last month, we used 83 therms ($66.58) versus the previous year’s 90 therms ($76.60).

I know that in theory, we could be warm enough by sleeping in layers and bundling under a lot of blankets at night, but honestly, the walls of our bedrooms are so cold that standing in the room, it feels like a chilly draft is blowing, and the electric blanket makes it bearable.

Typically, January through March are the coldest and priciest months, so we’ll see how we do once winter really gets going, but so far, I’m encouraged. We’re actually keeping a little bit warm and saving a little bit, too.


2 thoughts on “Heat and heating update

  1. Rosa says:

    Congratulations on the low energy bill! If you find out what therms are in CCFs, I’d be interested – our energy company uses the therm measurement too.

    Our thermostat experience was the same – 55 was too cold, like so cold the floors and walls seemed to be radiating cold. 57 is more liveable.

    I’m used to long johns, but my mom gave me a bunch of cuddleduds and they’re *way* nicer feeling. Smooth. And I noticed at our local fair-trade boutique there were 100% merino shirts and long john pants that felt really smooth and soft. Haven’t actually tried wearing any though.

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