Deal of the Week: Stop standing by

Chances are, even when you think your appliances are off, they’re not off.

Appliances with “standby” settings – most often those with a little glowing light at all times – are still using power.

Visit this site for more information on standby power and to visit “tours” of standby electricity use in typical homes around the world.

For instance, an average television on standby (a setting that is required to let you turn the TV on with a remote control) uses 5 watts of power just to sit there. A microwave might use 3; a charger, 1.

On the laboratory site mentioned above, an average U.S. and French home each used about 70 watts per day of standby power. That’s not so much — like leaving a couple of lower-watt incandescent bulbs running all day, or about 5 CFLs — but if every home leaks that much power, it really adds up.

We’re tackling this little by little at our house, by:

  • Having the computer shut down automatically after it’s out of use.
  • Unplugging the copy machine in my home office.
  • Putting the TV and DVD player on a power strip, which is switched off when not in use.
  • Unplugging all chargers when not in use.

Eventually, I’d like to have everything on a power strip. I think my “turn off” campaign is having an impact on our electric bill, but time will tell.


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