Weekly Wrap-Up: Food and laundry … everyone’s favorite repeating chores

Starting with a couple of takes on food this week.

Is it a good idea to hide veggies in regular foods for your kids? A couple of new cookbooks say sure, it’s a great way to get additional vitamins into kids’ tummies. But a food writer howls that doing so is robbing the taste buds to appease the nutrition gods. At our house, we just force Little Cheap to take a bite or two of everything — and I can say that the other night she did eat cauliflower (well, the florets), although she waffles on beets and artichokes.


And is it cheaper to eat out than in? I calculated last night that the “Like Lasagna” recipe I made last night (based on The Simple Dollar’s recipe) cost $10 and will feed Mr. Cheap and me 4 meals — and that’s including natural chicken sausage and organic pasta. I’m pretty sure we can’t dine out for $2.50 plus a salad, but you be the judge. Also note that while I do feed her vegetables, Little Cheap prefers not to eat lasagna, so she had plain noodles and broccoli. Mr. Cheap has warned her that when she turns 7 in March, she has to start eating normal dinner every night.


Hanging in there: My local paper, The Denver Post, published an article about using clotheslines last Sunday. I’m not doing laundry today, because the weather is supposed to be nicer this weekend — how about you?