Weekly wrap-up: Far away Disney and close-to-home farms

Save on going to Disney World: Free Money Finance did a lengthy (for him, not for me ) post about this on Wednesday. I especially loved the ParkSleepFly tip – although we aren’t far from our local airport, I’m going to file that away for return trip options.

The Motley Fool published a short piece on the cost of going organic with a link to Local Harvest, which can connect you to a local CSA. It inspired me to try again to find a CSA (so far, the ones near us have no space available and/or I can’t get in touch with them). Good luck to you.


2 thoughts on “Weekly wrap-up: Far away Disney and close-to-home farms

  1. Cathy says:

    Yes you can save a ton of money going to Disney on the off season — but note that Aug/Sept is the hottest time in Orlando. Be prepared if you do not like the heat and humidity.

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