Turn that burner off

Green as a Thistle last week mentioned the idea of boiling water, adding dry pasta, covering the pot and turning it off for 20 minutes.  One of her readers said this is a common method to cook pasta in Italy (where they oughtta know).

I tried it on Friday. Verdict? 20 minutes was a tad too long for my taste (my bucatini was a ways past al dente). But the method worked great! And while the cooking took a few minutes longer, on my stove it will save more than 2,000 BTUs of natural gas – saving me $0.03 per use and, of course, reducing ye olde carbon emissions.


3 thoughts on “Turn that burner off

  1. O says:

    I remember reading that tip in Tightwad Gazette. It really does work. I never timed it though, so I ended up checking the pasta every so often.

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