Weekly Wrap-Up: 50% Day at Savers and $142 Pokemon cards on eBay

HarvestSavers is having a 50% off Day on Monday, Labor Day (Sept. 3). Canada Value Village/Village des Valeurs gets theirs on Tuesday, Sept. 4, and in Australia it’s Wednesday, Sept. 5. Happy bargain hunting …

eBay is known for bargains and occasionally for its high-flying, clever postings. Some of you may have seen this one, in which a mother of 6 kids sells the Pokemon cards her kids sneaked into the cart for $142 on eBay.

And in the garden, it’s finally harvest time. The photo above includes the produce we picked on Saturday — except for the 8 pounds of cucumbers.


… With more to come. I counted the vines and conservatively estimated that this single Juliet tomato plant has more than 110 feet of vines, many of them covered with little green tomatoes. Wish us luck for a pleasant September … although I have my doubts, as the leaves are already beginning to turn.

And our butternut squash plants are going great guns. I may have mentioned that I foolishly left TWO plants to grow instead of one. They have taken over the fence, the watermelon trellis, half the herb garden, the strawberries, the cherry tree, Little Cheap’s play structure and the vacant corner where they were supposed to live in the first place! The abundance is astonishing. We have several squashes the size of the one in this picture, with my foot for scale. (Note that I wear a healthy size 9 shoe. These suckers are 5 pounds or more each.)


Anyone out there know how to know when a winter squash is done growing? Do I pick it or leave it till fall comes?

And what about watermelons? Is it true that when they sound hollow, they’re done?

Do tell …


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