Update: Electric kettle

electric kettleA while back, I wrote about whether I should buy an electric kettle to replace our tea kettle. At that time, I decided it wasn’t worth the resource use to add another one when it would take so long to pay itself off.

Then the game changed: Without naming names, someone boiled our kettle dry. Forgot to put down the whistle. Boiled it so dry that it warped and became unusable.

With this shifted perspective, I bought an electric kettle this morning to replace the old tea kettle. It takes 3-4 minutes to boil and will use all wind power (as all our electricity is).  The water contacts only stainless steel inside.

After I opened it and filled it up to try it out, I noticed a couple of flaws near the spout – rust-looking spots that won’t wipe off. I’d like to take it back and get a perfect one. Better yet, I’d like to take it back and get a discount for the flaw. But I bet they’d just make me swap for a perfect one, and this one would get thrown away — although it might be given to Goodwill so that someone else could buy it for cheap.

Hmm, maybe I should return it … but either way, rest assured, we won’t be boiling with natural gas anymore.


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