Deal of the week: One-cent shoes

cheap shoesThese are my cute new flats (they actually have the tiniest kitten heel). I wanted something that was a little updated from my only other black “dressy” shoes — a pair of pumps I bought at Ann Taylor in … uh … that would be … 1995? Maybe?

I bought these at DSW for $0.01.

Their “compare at cost” was about $70. Then at DSW they were marked at $49.99.

I found them on a clearance rack, labeled with the purple (I think it was purple? aw, who cares?) “80% off” tag. That took them to about $10.

And the coup de grace: I was carrying a $10 “award” for spending $250 at DSW. (It takes us a long time to spend $250 on shoes, but the rewards program — even though they recently cut it back — is a great reason to check there when Mr. Cheap or I need shoes.)

My total after taxes and discounts: Just one cent.

And they are comfortable, AND they have a non-skid sole in the forefoot. Sweet!

And of course, I didn’t take a plastic bag.


One thought on “Deal of the week: One-cent shoes

  1. Keith says:

    1 cent! Alas, I do not have that kind of skill. I did, however, get a free microwave for my house without doing a thing. Charity rules.

    When does Mr. Cheap want to guest blog on my site? Pretty please?

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