Weekly Wrap-up: Gas with a conscience, Million-dollar TV and the state of the garden

Juliet tomatoesGot gas? Check out this socially conscious gas guide: http://moneyandvalues.blogspot.com/2007/07/socially-conscious-gas-guide-part-1.html

Got a TV? Give it up and you’ll net $1 million — or so this article posits: http://biz.yahoo.com/ts/070712/10367373.html?.v=4&.pf=banking-budgeting

CucumberGot a garden? We do, and pretty soon we’ll be eating out of it. That’s my prize cucumber at left, and I expect some ready for pickling in another week or so.

Actually, I exaggerate — we’ve already harvested a few things:

  • Sugar snap peas – These have been and gone. Yum.
  • Scallions. We’ve not bought scallions since spring.
  • Strawberries – a whole bunch. Almost a dozen — but I only planted them in June.
  • One beet.
  • One turnip.
  • Two okra pods (and one of the two okra plants is going great guns now that we’ve pulled out the peas that were shading it. Trust me, growing okra in Colorado is no small feat.)
  • About six white onions are aging on the patio; we can start using these next week.
  • Parsley – all we can eat.
  • Basil – we’ve made one double batch of pesto and we’re ready for another one.
  • Collards – nothing like fresh bitter greens to, um … give you vitamins. (The collards belong to Mr. Cheap.)

Here’s the tiniest baby watermelon (at the right) … And no, I don’t know why the pictures won’t fit in my post. Sorry.