What’s in the garden?

Garden 1Our garden is going strong this year. We dug some new beds, went to Longmont for four big bins full of composted horse manure, added our own compost pile from last year in an effort to thin out our heavy clay soil, dug up reams of landscape cloth that was used to keep the weeds out of the decorative bark-covered bed we’re destroying, and planted like crazy. We enjoyed the mild spring and suffered through a cold week in early June that took out some of our babies — as well as a hailstorm that left us relatively unscathed, thank goodness.

Here, the rundown of what we’re growing:

Apricot tree (its 2nd year – frost hit the flowers, so no fruit)
Beets – Detroit Red
Brussels sprouts
Butternut squash
Garden 2 Cherry tree (same situation as the apricot)
Green beans (well, at least I hope they’re there — I planted ’em but they haven’t yet shown their heads)
Herbs & flowers
Meyer lemon
Red onions
Sugar snap peas
Thai hot pepper
Tomato – Better Boy
Tomato – Juliet
Tomato – San Marzano
Tomato – yellow pear
Watermelon – icebox
White onions

It’s been in the 90s here (and set a record high at 96 degrees on Sunday and Monday), but our eggplant and watermelon are still on “Wall O’ Water” insulators and they love it. In fact, the insulated plants are now a good four times bigger than the un-insulated versions of the exact same plants.

topsy turvy

I’ll leave you with my crazy tomato plant in its “topsy turvy” planter. Note that it is by far our biggest tomato plant, so maybe there’s something to growing upside down.


5 thoughts on “What’s in the garden?

  1. jolynna says:

    Hi…what an interesting site. You’ve got lots of good information to read and think about.

    Your garden is going to be great! I am impressed by all of your hard work.

  2. L'an says:

    Please tell me those aren’t your brussels sprouts in the middle of the second picture… are they? If so, mine is obviously failing to thrive without brussels sprout buddies sharing its garden bed!

    (The garden looks fabulous, btw!)

  3. cheaplikeme says:

    Melissa – The fences are extra functional, because Mr. Cheap made them from twigs left over from pruning our linden tree in the front yard. Use what you have gardening!

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