Deal of the week: Summer living and bargains delivered

The hammockOne of the feeds I subscribe to is This site delivers great deals reported by readers. Many of the bargains focus on technology, but if you keep an eye out, there’s something for everyone.

Last week, the site notified readers of an online coupon for a free smoothie (buy one, get one free) at Jamba Juice. Click here to print and enjoy — good through July 4 — and take your own cup if you can!

If a fruity smoothie doesn’t say summer, how about relaxing in a hammock? Little Cheap and I have been craving a hammock for the yard. We’ve seen them for $200, $100, down to about $70 with a stand (we don’t have a deck or enough big trees to hang one that way).

But Slickdeals delivered a couple of weeks ago. They posted an offer from Sports Authority for a hammock with stand for $22 — including shipping. I got the hammock in five days. That’s it at the top. It’s not the snazziest — but it sure is the cheapest, so that makes up for it.

I’ve also gotten some nice deals on LL Bean pants for Mr Cheap ($12 a pair, sturdy canvas that works for school, teaching and “normal” life and ought to last for years), and cheap PJs from the Children’s Place for Little Cheap. You can subscribe to their feed in your blog reader to stay up to date.

My only word of caution: Don’t get so excited about the bargains that you start buying things just because you can. A great deal on something you don’t need is a crappy deal.

Now, where’s my smoothie …


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